• The SHINE model is a construct of 5 concrete dimensions (represented by the 5 triangles), which are easy to understand and combine logically and powerfully to enable and drive organisation performance and health


  • Each of these dimensions, in turn, is a function of three facets, represented by the three sides of the relevant triangle. Each of these 15 facets are concrete and can be measured and developed independently, constructed into the 5 dimensions and then formulated into a holistic approach to build stellar organisation performance and health.

    We use a human metaphor to simplify the understanding of the role of each dimension in enabling and driving health and performance.

    CLARITY is symbolically represented by the head, representing an intelligent, whole brain approach to excellence. CAPACITY and COMMUNITY are enablers and are symbolically represented by the hands, whilst, CAPABILITY and COMMITMENT are the drivers, symbolically represented by the feet. Some leaders are natural enablers, whilst others are natural drivers of performance. However, we advocate a holistic approach to performance and health for sustainable success.

    Importantly, in our approach, complex and illusive concepts such as corporate culture, values and competencies are a managed outcome/function of our systematic, constructive approach.


    For an organisation to SHINE, now and in the long term, Leadership must understand the nature and role of both the enablers (Capacity & Community) and the drivers (Capability & Commitment) of the organisation performance and health and be able to align them, through compelling and dynamic strategy, with meaningful Clarity of Purpose and direction.

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